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improve the milk production of dairy buffalo in other countries, such as Italy. Bulgaria, Egypt, Brazil Muurha breed of buffalo is used for production of milk and Murrahe sell for a high price. Indian buffalo breeds Murrha noted to have the highest milk yield.

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Horses have a special place in Indian society. In some places in India, people worship horses. Due to this appreciation and love for horses, various breeds of horses in India evolved into strong animals.

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India has a rich heritage of cultivating breeds of desi cows. Different breeds of cow developed in different atmospheric & geographic conditions. display the characteristics of hump & dewlap.


has focused on the development, production and marketing of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Products. After five years of effort, we have built up a modern marketing base and will keep expanding our business to every specialized aspect. Our company is committed to ensuring that the relationship between animals and humans remains positive. Our role definition is Maximum Care for Animal & Environment .

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भारत की सबसे दुधारू नस्ल की मुर्रा भैंस Murra buffalo of India’s most milch breed

भारत में सबसे ज्यादा दूध देने वाली भैंस मुर्रा का स्थान प्रथम आता है क्योंकि इस नस्ल की भैंस सबसे ज्यादा दूध देती है और

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With the increasing abnormalities in animals’ health, medicalscience’s efforts for better medicines are also increasing. Sometimes,the ailment in animals is so acute that the animal

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Hardeep was a traditional Indian Animal Husbandry professional. Hehad many bovines and business was going on smoothly. He wouldsell thousands of liter milk and would

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